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  八年级英语下册Unit 8 Topic 1教学案例1

   Section A needs 1 period. Section A需用1课时。

   The main activities are 1a and 3. 本课重点活动是1a和3。

   Ⅰ. Aims and demands目标要求

   1. Learn some new words:

   silk, cotton, afford, scarf, jeans, overcoat, handbag, hat, sock

   2. Learn the structure of "so ...that ..." .

   I liked it so much that my father bought it for me.

   My old coats are so short that I want to buy some new ones.

   3. Learn how to ask for help.

   Could you tell me where to buy a scarf ?

   Thanks. And what about hats and socks?

   4. Making appointments

   Do you have time tomorrow?

   Could we meet at the school gate at 8 a.m.?

   5. Logical relations

   Cause and effect

   I liked it so much that my father bought it for me.

   Ⅱ. Teaching aids 教具


   Ⅲ. Five-finger Teaching Plan 五指教学方案

   Step 1 Review 第一步 复习(时间: 10分钟)


   1. (用卡片复习以前学过的服装词汇。)

   T: Boys and girls, today we will have a lesson about clothes. I think it is useful for you. You must be interested in it. Look at here, what's in my hand? Oh, yes, there are many cards about clothes in my hand. You should speak out the names of these clothes as soon as I take them out. Are you ready?

   Ss: Yes.


   coat blouse pants shirt raincoat dress

   sweater jacket

   T: Good! You have known so many words about clothes. Are you happy?

   Ss: Of course.

   2. (教师用手中的卡片,教会学生有关询问服装质地的表达,并板书句型。)

   T: We have learnt so many words about clothes. Today we will learn how to ask the materials of clothes.


   cotton n. 棉布;棉花 adj. 棉花的;棉布制的

   silk n. 丝 adj. 丝制的


   T: Look at my glasses. They are made of plastic.


   T: He is wearing a coat. It's a cotton one. Now, please use cotton and silk to describe your deskmate's clothes.


   T: Now, work in pairs to practice the expressions.

   S1: Li Ling is wearing a scarf. It's a silk one.

   S2: Du Lei is wearing a jacket. It's a cotton one.


   T: Then I have more beautiful clothes here. Do you want to say them in English?

   Ss: Yes.

   3. (教师拿出已准备好的服装展示给学生,并教新词,巩固有关服装质地的表达。)

   T: Look here. What are they?


   Ss: They are jeans.

   (板书画线部分, 并让学生跟读。)


   Ss: They are cotton ones.

   T: Then what is it?


   (学生会用汉语回答: 围巾。)

   T: Yes, it's a scarf.



   T: OK, it's a silk one.

   (以此类推,学习其余生词handbag, hat, ...)


   jeans /dVi:nz / - They are cotton ones.

   They are cotton jeans.

   scarf /skB: f / - It's a silk one.

   It's a silk scarf.

   handbag /′h?ndb?g/ n. 女用皮包;手提包

   hat / h?t / n. 帽子;礼帽

   T: Can you remember these new words? If you can't, I'll give you several minutes to remember them. OK?

   Ss: OK!


   T: Time is up. Let's have a word competition. Say the names of these clothes when I show them. I'll see which group is the quickest and best. Group A, go!


   T: OK, stop here. Group A is good. Group B is better. Group C is the best. Group D, don't lose your heart, I believe you will do better next time.

   4. (根据展示的图片,师生问答。)

   T: How do you like the coat?

   Ss: It is beautiful.

   T: What do you think of the skirt?

   Ss: It is nice.

   T: How about ...?

   Ss: It is ... / They are ...


   Step 2 Presentation 第二步 呈现(时间: 10分钟)



   1. (让学生听1a录音,设置听力任务,让学生带着问题听。)

   T: Well done. Now let's come to 1a. First look around our classroom. What did you find? Oh, you can find your classmates are wearing different kinds of clothes. What nice clothes! Today, Maria is also wearing a beautiful coat. If you want to know it, please listen to the tape carefully.


   What is Maria wearing?

   What's it made of ?

   What does Jane want to buy?


   T: Who wants to answer the first question?

   S1: She is wearing a Chinese Tang costume.

   T: OK. Next question?

   S2: It's made of silk.

   T: Good! The last question?

   S3: She wants to buy some new coats.

   2. (让学生看1a听对话,然后跟录音朗读。)

   T: Look at 1a, listen to the dialog again, and then follow the tape.



   look great - What a nice coat! - a Chinese Tang costume -

   feel soft - so... that... - buy some new coats - have a fashion show


   1. (出示1a的图片,师生问答,引入1a, 然后听录音。)

   T: I'll show you a picture, please look at it carefully, and then try to answer my question. How does Maria look?

   Ss: She looks great. She wears a nice coat.

   T: The nice coat is a Chinese Tang costume. Now listen to 1a and try to find out what Maria and Jane are talking about.

   2. (让学生跟读录音,并回答下列问题。)

   T: Please read after the tape, and then answer the following questions:


   (1) Why does the Chinese Tang costume feel soft?

   (2) When will they have a class fashion show?

   (3) Will they go shopping? What time will they meet?

   Step 3 Consolidation 第三步 巩固(时间: 7分钟)

   1. (让学生根据黑板上的关键词句,总结对话的主要内容。)

   T: Please sum up the dialog according to the key words and sentences on the blackboard.


   T: Please read the dialog again and act it out in pairs according to the key words and sentences on the blackboard.


   T: Are there any volunteers? Please come to the front and act out the dialog.

   S1: ...

   S2: ...


   T: Well, You did a good job! S1 and S2 are No.1. Congratulations!

   2. (让学生独立完成1b,巩固so ... that ...和so that ...的用法。)

   T: Now, finish 1b by yourselves.


   T: Have you finished? Now, let's check the answers.

   (教师可适当补充一些语法练习,再巩固so ... that ... 和so that ...的用法。)

   Step 4 Practice 第四步 练习(时间: 10分钟)


   1. (教师带领学生完成2。)

   (1) T: Are you happy that you can say much about clothes? OK! It's time for you to write something about them. Please fill in the blanks carefully, and then we'll check them together.

   (2) T: Well. You have known the clothes that people are wearing, but do you know who they are?

   OK, let's listen to 2 and find out who they are. Please number the pictures.


   2. (学生完成2后,教师可领学生做个小游戏,既放松心情,又巩固所学知识。)

   T: I think you must be tired. Let's play a game, OK?

   Ss: OK.

   (此活动具体操作如下: 教师先作示范,用英语描述某个学生的衣着,然后让大家闭上眼睛猜描述的是谁。猜对的学生,教师给予表扬。然后找几名学生来描述某个学生的衣着,其他学生猜。)

   T: She is wearing a pair of glasses. She is wearing a bright yellow skirt. She has long hair. Can you guess who she is?

   Ss: ...

   T: Right. Well done!


   (此活动的目的是: 激发学生学习英语的兴趣,既锻炼了学生的听力,又提高了他们的口语表达能力,让学生在轻松愉快中掌握所学知识。)

   Step 5 Project 第五步 综合探究活动(时间: 8分钟)


   1. (让学生两人一组完成3。首先进行小组讨论,说出图中每层楼所售服装名称, 然后模仿对话,编一个新的对话。)

   T: Well, boys and girls, today we have learnt a lot of names about clothes. I think you can look at the pictures in 3 and find out what's on each floor in pairs. Do you understand?

   Ss: Yes.


   T: Time is up. Be quiet, please. Let's check the answers together. I'll ask one group to tell the answers. Who will try?


   T: G1, please.

   G1: You can buy shoes and hats in the Shoes & Hats Section on the first floor. You can buy...


   T: OK, please stop here. Is that all? Anything else? Please look carefully.


   T: OK. Next, look at the dialog in 3, and then make similar dialogs with your partner. Go!

   2. Homework:


   Prepare a family photo and describe their clothes.

  • logical [´lɔdʒikəl] 移动到这儿单词发声 a.逻辑(上)的 四级词汇
  • presentation [,prezən´teiʃən] 移动到这儿单词发声 n.介绍;赠送;提出 四级词汇
  • dialog [´daiəlɔg] 移动到这儿单词发声 n.对话 四级词汇

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