第一部分 专业会话

第一课At a Construction Site在建筑工地上

第二课Conversation about Construction of Water SupplyPipe, Central Heating and Air-condition


第三课Conversation with Pipe Fitter管道技工会话

第四课Conversation about Riveter's Engineering铆工施工会话

第五课Conversation about Welding 焊接会话

第六课Conversation with Fitters安装钳工会话

第七课Signals and Conversation about Hoisting and Mounting 吊装信号及会话




第十一课Conversation about the Installation of PetroleumMachinery石油机械安装会话



第十四课Isolation and Thermal Insulation隔绝、保温


第一课 At a Construction Site 在建筑工地上

A:I'll take you to the construction site.我带您去建筑工地,

Follow me, please.请跟我走。

B:Thank you.谢谢您。

A: Here we are. 到了。

B: Can you introduce me to the section chief on the building site? 您能介绍我同这个工地的工长认识吗?

A:Certainly. 当然可以

This is a Chinese builder, Wang Lin.这是中国建筑工人,王林。

C: How do you do. I'm glad to meet you. 您好.认识您我很高兴。

A: This is section chief, Mr. S.这是工长,S先生。

B: How do you do. I'm glad to meet you, too .您好.认识您我也很高兴。

C: Welcome to our building site.欢迎您来到我们工地。

How long will you work here? 您将在这工作多长时间?

B: About two years.大约两年

Would you introduce me to some of the workers?请您介绍我同一些工人认识好吗?

C: Certainly.当然可以.

Hello, fellow workers!喂, 伙伴们!

This is our new fellow,这是我们的新伙伴!

A Chinese worker, Mr. Wang.中国工人,王先生.

D,E,F, G...How do you do, Mr. Wang!王先生,您好!

B: How do you do!您们好!

Shall we start?我们开始吧!

C: Yes, please.好,请吧!

Here is the wood.这是木材

(red bricks, mixed cement).(红砖搅拌好的水泥).

B: Is that hoist made in Yemen?那台卷扬机也是也门制造的吗?

C: Yes. But that crane over there is made in Japan.是的.但是,那边那台起重机是日本制造的.

B: I think, in Yemen there are many prefabricated houses like this building.

我想, 在也门,有许多像这栋搂这样的预制装配式房屋.

C: Yes. The prefabricated components are all made in the casting yard.是的,这种预制厂制造的.

B: I think so.我也是那样想的.

A: Stop please. Now, time for rest.请停下来.现在休息时间到了.


Conversation about Construction of Water Supply Pipe, Central Heating and Air-condition


A: Before installing the water supply pipe, you ought to inspect and clean it inside.


B: Yes, we have done that.是,我们已经都做过了.

A: Before mounting the iron casting pipes, you should test the hydraulic pressure one by one,and then clean them.铸铁管安设前,要逐根试水压和清扫.

B: Yes, we're doing that job.是,我们正在进行中.

A: What is your idea about the height of the bathtub we're installing?浴盆安装高度这样可以吗?

B: Lift 50 mm. Higher, please.再抬高50毫米吧?

A: Why was the cover of the stool not fixed?坐便盖为何没安装?

B: Customarily, it should be fixed after theinternal plastering.习惯上,应放在室内粉饰工程完了后再安.

A: The flange of the ventilating pipeline is well joined. But the nuts are not completely on the same side.


B: I'll correct it at once.我马上纠正过来.

A: May the ventilator have a trial run?通风机可以试车吗?

B: No. First you may check it up and then start it.不,先做一下检查,然后再启动.


Conversation with Pipe Fitter管道技工会话

A: Are you a pipe fitter?您是管道技工吗?

B: Yes.是的.

A: How many years' standing have you?您有几年工龄?

B: I have been engaged in pipe engineeringwork for eight years.我已经从事管道工作八年了.

A: When will the pipe engineering project of this workshop be completed?这个车间的管道工程何时竣工?

B: It will be completed in three more days. And then it will undergo the stage of systematic testing pressure.


A: Please disassemble the connective of the pumpand the pipe flange. I want to check it up.


B: Yes, O.K.好吧.

A: There should be a blind flange between the two flanges here. In state of freedom, stagger joint shouldn't happen.应当有盲板.处于自由状态时,不应有错口现象.

B: Yes, I'll put the blind flange in and repair it at once.是,我马上加盲板和修理.

A: An overhanging support should be added here.此处应添加一个悬臂支架.

B: You ought to fix a steel plate on the reinforced concrete pile with a expansion bolt and thenweldand angle steel support on the steel plate, shouldn't you?在钢筋砼柱上用膨胀螺栓固定住一块钢板.

A: Yes, all right. Please do this way.好,可以.就这么办.

How about the valve installed?阀门安装的怎样?

B: The position and direction are correct, conjunction is flexible and accurate.


A: The pressure in piping system has risen to 15 kilogram per square centimeter.Please check up.

管路系统已经升压至15kg/cm2, 请检查.

B: Is the water filled in according to the networkdrawing?按网络图充水吗?

A: Yes. I've checked up all such things as blind flange and discharge valves which should be added, valves which should be closed, the instruments and meters which should be replaced. All are right.


B: Well, let's start checking up once again.那么,我们开始检查吧!


Conversation about Riveter's Engineering 铆工施工会话

A: Please check up. Is my lofting method correct?请检查一下,我的放样方法对吗?

B: Yes. That's right. It's very good是的,很好..

A: Why didn't you make a groove before welding?为什么不开坡口,就焊接呢?

B: I think that generally the butt welding Of plate which is thiner than 6 mm. May be done by hand welding. What's your idea?我认为,6毫米以内的较薄板材的对接,一般以手工焊是可以的.您的意见怎样?

A: Please measure the thickness of the plate.请量一下板厚.

B: This is a plate of 4 mm. Thickness.这是4毫米的板材.

A: You may weld it then.那么就可以焊了.

The steel column has some windings.钢柱有些弯曲,

You'd better straighten it.要轿直一下.

B: The flame correcting method may be used?可以用火焰矫正法吗?

A: No.不可以.

B: Then correct it with the straightener.那么就用机械矫正.

A: In installing the steel column, how many mm. Are the deviation range of elevation and perpendicularity?


B: The elevation deviation is in the range plus 5 to minus 5 mm. .标高偏差范围是±5毫米.

The perpendicularity deviation range is: when the column length is shorter than 10 meters,

垂直偏差范围是: 柱长10米以内的,

10mm are allowed;容许10毫米.

if the column length is longer than 10 meters, 如柱长大于10米,

is by H per1000, 则按H/1000,

but it must be less than 35 mm..但不得大于35毫米.

A: Please give the standards of the preheat before welding and those of the heat-treatment after welding.


B: Please refer to the standard of American Petroleum Institute请参照美国石油学会(API)的规范.

A: How do you plan to mount the floating ?top oil-tank.您们打算如何安装浮顶式油罐?

B: If the source of water is ample, we prepare to constructby adopting water-floating inverted mounting method.


A: The cost of water is too expensive, isn't it?水的成本太高吧!

B: Machine hoisting inverted installation" title="n.就职;安装;装置">installation method may be adopted, too.也可以采用机械提升倒装法.


Conversation about Welding焊接会话

A: Have you a welder's certificate?您有焊工合格证吗?

B: Yes, I have obtained a certificate of versatile position welding.是的,我已经取得了全位置焊接合格证.

A: What requirements are there for pipeline welded seams?管道焊缝有何要求?

B: We must have the records of all the welded seams and the 10%roentgenoscopic selective examination.


A: This welded seam is found an obvious air hole and an unqualified undercut with macroscopic check.


It is unqualified.不合格.

B: We'll return it to repair at once.马上返修.

A: Here is missing-welding, isn't it?此处是漏焊吧!

B: No. The requirement in the drawing is gap (discontinuous) welding.不是.图纸上的要求是间断焊.

A: The pass of stainless steel needs machine-washing and pickling.不锈钢的焊道要进行机械清洗和酸洗.

B: Yes, we are preparing to do that.是的,我们正做准备.

A: What inspection items are needed?要做哪些项目的检查呢?

B: Pull test, winding test and hardness test are needed.要做拉力、弯曲和硬度试验.

第六课 Conversation with Fitters安装钳工会话

A: Have you completed the installation" title="n.就职;安装;装置">installation of this pump?这个泵安装完毕了吗?

B: Yes, we have.是的,已经完了.

A: How about the circumstances? 情况怎样?

B: Very good. 很好!

The foundation bolt is upright, 地脚螺栓垂直,

the nuts are screwed and the moment of twisting are consistent, 螺栓拧紧而且扭力矩一致,

the nuts are contacted with the collars and the collars are contacted with the equipment base closely.


A: How about the pad irons?垫铁情况怎样?

B: The pad-iron groups are smooth and steady and contacted closely.垫铁组平稳,接触紧密.

Every group has no more than three pieces.每组不超过三块.

A: Please explain how many mm. is the requirement of the coupling butt end space?


B: It's all right that the least space comes up to...mm.最小间隙达到...毫米即可.

A: The elevation of this equipment installation" title="n.就职;安装;装置">installation is wrong, isn't it?这个设备安装的标高不对吧?

B: No. It accords with the demands of drawing standard (specification).不,标高符合图纸规范的要求.

A: Excuse me, whether this compressor needs disintegration for check-up?请问,这台压缩机是否要解体检查?

B: Yes.是的.

A: May I set the machine going?我可以开车启动吗?

B: No. I want to check it up once more.不,还要检查一下.

第七课 Signals and Conversation about Hoisting and Mouting吊装信号及会话

Hoisting Signals吊装信号

Hanger (Grab hook) rising: 吊钩升起:

Put out the forefinger upward and do the rotated action.食指向上伸出,做旋转动作.

Hook lowering: 吊钩下降

Put out the forefingerdownward and do therotated action.


Hook rising slightly:吊钩微微上升:

Stretch out a hand horizontally with the palm of the hand downward and the forefinger of the other hand upward to the first hand's palm and do rotated action.

一手平举,手心向下,另一手食指向上,对着第一只手的手心, 做旋转动作.

Hook lowering slightly:吊钩微微下降

Stretch out a hand horizontally with the palm of it upward and the forefinger of the otherhand downward to the first hand's palm and do rotated action.



Boom rising:吊臂升起:

The thumb should be upward and do a motionvertically up and down.大拇指向上,做上下运动.

Boom lowering:吊臂下降:

The thumb should be downward and do a motion

Be Ready to Hoist 准备好吊装

A: Has the brake device of the crane been examined?吊车制动装置检查了吗?

B: Yes .It has been examined. All right.是的,检查了,很好.

A: Be careful, not to break the equipment. 注意点!不要把设备碰坏.

You'd better put it down slowly.要慢慢放下.

B: O.K. Don't worry about it.好的,请放心.

A: May this roof truss be used to hoist an object of one tonne?此屋架可以利用一下,吊一吨重的物吗?

B: All right. Be careful.可以,要小心.

A: Is the wire rope hoisting safety?此钢丝绳吊装安全吗?

B: There is no problem.没有问题,

There are 5 times safety coefficient.有五倍的安全系数呢?

A: Don't stay under the crane boom, please.请不要站在吊车臂下!

B: I'm sorry. Thank you.对不起,谢谢.

A: Can your tyre crane enter such a small site?这么小的场地,

B: O.K. Only the soil is too spongy.您的汽车能进来吗?

A: I'll level it at once, then pave the steel plates.可以,只是土质太软了.

B: Well, we are going to hoist tomorrow.我马上平整,

then pave the steel plates.然后铺上钢板.

B: Well, we are going to hoist tomorrow.好的,那么明天就吊装.

Objects Handled吊装物

A: What is to be lifted up?要吊什么东西?

B: Bricks and cement.砖和水泥.

A: Also those stones?那些石头也吊吗?

B: No. These are for the foundation.不,这些是地基用的.

A: Also some sand, I think. 我想, 还有些砂子.

B: Yes, but after bricks and cement.是的,但在砖和水泥之后.

A: Will those scaffolds be hoisted or not?那些脚手架吊不吊?

B: Yes, they will. But in the afternoon. 要吊,在下午.

A: It's going to unload wagons in the afternoon.下午要卸火车.

B: What are going to be unloaded from the wagons? 从火车往下卸什么?

A: Machine tools, welders, mixers and vibrators. 有工具机床,电焊机,搅拌机和振捣器.

B: Oh! I have no idea of that.呵! 我不知道.

A: Lift them all up before noon possibly!你要尽可能在上午吊完.

B: All right, I will do my best. 好吧! 我尽力干.


A: Excuse me! Have you got a rope?请问,你有绳子吗?

B: What size do you want?要什么规格?

A: Pair ropes of 20 meters long and 16 mm. in diameter.要对绳,20米长,16毫米粗的.

B: But I have got a rope of 14 mm. in diameter and 18 m. in length.而我有根单绳,14毫米粗,18米长.

A: That may not be safe , I'm afraid.那恐怕不安全.

B: How about diameter 18 mm.?直径18毫米粗的怎样?

A: How long is it? 有多长?

B: More than 25 meters.25米以上.

A: Is it a new one?是新的吗?

B: Don't mind so much! Ropes here all new and no one is broken in them.放心吧! 这里的绳都是新的,没有断绳.

A: That will be fine, I will take it.那太好了.就用它.

B: Mind you to return it for check when itis not in use.返回检查.

A: Certainly.那是自然.

5 . Lifting Machines提升机械

A: What lifting machines are there on this site?工地上都有什么吊装机械?

B: Tower cranes, truck cranes, mobile cranes and bucket or fork loaders.


A: Which is available for unloading a container from a wagon?从火车上卸一个货柜用什么起重机?

B: How many tones does the container weight?货柜重多少?

A: About seven tones.大约七吨.

B: You'd better use the eight-tonne capacity mobile crane.您最好用八吨容重的轮式起重机.

A: But the wagon is at the railway station, It's quite a way from here.但火车在站上有相当一段路程.

B: Well. Eight-tonne capacity truck crane must be preferred. It travels faster.


A: These bags of cement should also be packed up in the stores.这些袋水泥也应当垛到仓库去.

B: Fork loader will do.可用叉车.

A: Where is the manager?经理在哪里?

B: The tall man over there.那边那个高个子的.

A: Thank you.谢谢您.

B: Never mind.不用谢.

6. Carrying Rope吊重绳

A: How can I rope this case?这个箱子怎么栓绳呢?

B: According to the sign on it.按箱上的标记栓。

A: Can I use a single rope?我可以用单绳吗?

B: That will cause it to revolve.It's not safe.那将导致旋转,不安全。

A: Where is the center of gravity?重心在哪里?

B: It's not shown. In the middle, I think.没表示,我想在中间。

A: Could I hope it this way?我可以这样栓吗?

B: Right I think it must be safe.对!我想一定会安全的。

A: The hook has no rope damper.钓钩没有防脱器。

B: Never mind, put the shackles in carefully and lift slowly.不要紧,小心挂上绳扣,慢慢吊。

Those bags worried me very much.那些袋子使人烦恼。

B: You'd better find a cage to handle them.你最好找个筐子装上。

A: What a good idea! Thank you.好主意!谢谢你。

B: Not at all.不必了。

6. Mounting and Fixing安装和固定

A: Have they finished mounting the tower crane?塔吊装好了没有?

B: Yes. It was assembled.是的,吊起来了。

A: Can we use it tomorrow?明天可以用吗?

B: Balance weight will be put on tomorrow, the day after tomorrow it will be readyfor use.


A: Check it over carefully before putting it into operation!运转以前要小心全面检查。

B: Certainly!一定检查。

A: How long will the building frame be fixed in place?屋子构架何时能装好?

B: It will take five days, I suppose. 我想,得五天。

A: It also takes time to put the machines into position.稳装机器还需要时间。

B: The anchor bolts are all ready.地脚螺栓都现成

What's to be done now is leveling them up.要做的只剩下找平了。

A: Have you got a spirit level?您有气泡水准仪吗?

B: Yes, I have got one.是的,我有一个。

A: Are the pipe lines preassembled?管道预装没有?

B: No. They will be done next month.没有。下月预装。

第八课 运输


A: Have you sent the mixer to the site?搅拌机运到工地没?

B: No, not yet. No truck available还没有,没有汽车.

A: I t is in urgent need, you know.你知道,很急需要.

B: Yes . I Know that, and I am seeking after a way.是的,我知道,正在想法子.

A: What are the wheels, rollers or tyres?搅拌机是什么轮子的?滚子还是轮胎?

B: Tyres.轮胎.

A: We can pull it, can't we?我们可以拖,不行吗?

B: Well, but there is no tractor.行,但是没有拖拉机.

A: Bucket loader will be available, and we can carry a case of glass in the bucket by the way.


B: All right, let's try.好吧,让我们试试看.

第九课: Safety 安全

A: What's written on the boom side?大臂侧面写的什么?

B: "Danger! keep away from under boom!""危险!不要在臂下停留!"

A: But, I have to rope the machine.可我不得不给机器栓绳啊?

B: Leave there as soon as you fixed it.你一固定好,就及时离开/

A: But, I must guide the anchor bolts in.但我必须导入地脚螺栓呀?

B: You have to take a risk then.那你只好冒点险了.

A: I think the provision useless.我认为规定条文没有用.

B: No, it isn't. It tells you to keep safety in mind all the time.不,不对.它提醒你随时注意安全.

A: Yes, I agree. "Safety first."对,我同意."安全第一"

B: Have you ever seen things dropping down from hoisted height?你看见过吊起的东西掉下来过吗?

A: No, never.没,从来没有.

B: That's what used to happen.那是常有的事.

A: Really?真的吗?

B: Why not! Especially are the small things like bricks and so on, and breaking rope or dropping boom happened sometimes.怎么不呢,特别是小东西,例如砖什么的;断绳、 掉臂也时有发生.

A: Thank you! I will keep that in mind.谢谢你,我一定牢记.

第十课 Accident 事故

A: Oh! There must be something the matter!呵!一定发生什么事了!

B: The crane turned over.起重机翻了

A: Anybody wounded!伤人了吗?

B: One died and several wounded.死了一个,伤了好几个.

A: Have you been there?你在场吗?

B: When I was watching at the hookblock, The accident happened.我正在看吊钩,事故发生了.

A: How far were you staying?你站在多远处?

B: Not far. I was standing by the side of the crane, but escaped in time.不远,我正站在起重机旁,但及时跑开了.

A: It was really a danger.真危险.

B: The operator was a young man, he died.司机是个年青人,他死了.

A: Did they break the crane?吊车坏了没有?

B: Of course .The boom was broken and must be changed for a new one.当然,大臂断了.必须换个新的.

A: The work schedule must be postponed then.那么,工作计划必须推迟了.

B: And, it costs a lot of money.而且要损失一大笔金钱.


Conversation about the Installation of Petroleum Machinery.石油机械安装会话

A: Good Morning, everyone.诸位,早安.

B: Good morning, Mr. D.D先生,早安.

Today, our task is installation" title="n.就职;安装;装置">installation of this distillation tower. Get ready, please.今天,我们的任务是安装这台蒸馏塔,请准备.

B: Yes. Tell us the weight, length, diameter and center of gravity of this tower, please.


A: The weight of this tower is thirty-four tons; length, forty-three meters;


diameter, nine hundred millimeters; center of gravity,直径900毫米;

fifteen meters from the bottom of the tower.重心在离塔底15米处.

B: Who is the director of the installation" title="n.就职;安装;装置">installation work?谁是(今天)安装工作的指挥?

A: Engineer Wang is in charge of the installation" title="n.就职;安装;装置">installation work today. 王工程师今天负责安装工作.

Check over the tools, such as electrical winch, wire ropes, pulleys, and make sure of whether all of them are in good condition. 彻底检查一下工具,如电动绞车,钢丝绳,滑轮,弄清楚它们是否都处于良好状态

Please check the anchor bolt once more with the aid of the drawing..


B: O.K., we have checked over them all.我们已对这些全面检查了,一切都好.

A: Good. Begin working, please.好,请开始工作吧!

W: Pay attention everyone! Listen to my whistle on your post.各位请注意! 在岗位上听我的哨音工作.

A: Good, the tower has been on its position, check its perpendicularity.


W: The perpendicular tolerance of the tower is less than one thousandth of its height. Acceptable!

塔的垂直偏差小于塔高的千分之一. 合格.

A: O.K. Tighten the anchor nuts. Have a rest, please.好,请拧紧基础螺帽.休息吧.

A: How are you, Mr. Wu?吴先生,您好吗?

B: Fine, thanks. How are you, Mr. L?好,谢谢.L先生你好吗?

A: Fine, what are you doing?好,你在干什么?

B: I'm preparing to assemble this centrifugal oil pump. Would you give me a book of procedures and rules of pump assembly?我正准备组装这台离心油泵.你能给我一本泵组装的程序与规程吗?

A: Yes, this is a booklet of directions, in which are procedures and rules for assembly of this kind of pump. Read it over carefully before working


B: Oh, thank you very much.哎,太感谢您了.

A: Never mind.不必客气.

A: Hello, everyone! Are you holding a meeting?诸位,您们好!您们在开会吗?

B: Yes, we are discussing how to install a petroleum gas compressor.是的,我们正在讨论如何去安装一台石油气压缩机.

A: Good, I will not disturb you then.好的,那么,我就不打扰您们了.



A: Can you read drawings?您会看图纸吗?

B: Yes, (No)会,(不会)

A: Please bring the ...drawing here.请把...图纸拿来.

B: I'll bring it here in a minute. (There isn't such a drawing.)马上就拿来. 没有这张图纸.

A: Are the drawings you brought here complete?您拿的图纸全吗?

B: Yes. (No)全.(不全)

A: This drawing isn't clear.这张图纸看不清楚.

B: Please change a clear one.再换一张可以看清楚的.

A: There is something wrong on this drawing.这张图纸有问题.

B: I've found it too. It has been corrected.我也发现了.已经改正了.



A: Scaffolds must be firm.脚手架一定要牢固

B: We have consolidated it already.已经加固了

A: Examine the quality of fastener first.先检查一下扣件的质量.

B: I've examined. It's very good.检查过了.很好.

A: It isn't allowed putting material on the terrace too much.平台上料不准太多.

B: I know that.知道.

A: Examine the Scaffold, please.把架子检查一下.

B: I have examined it already.已经检查过了.

A: You must pay attention to the lumber quality of vertical poles and horizontal poles.一定要注意立杆,横杆的材质.

B: Yes.是.

A: What means of transport shall we use for vertical transportation?垂直运输用什么工具?

B: Cranes are used.用吊车.

第二十四课 Isolation and Themal Insulation隔绝,保温

A: What is the isolating layer made up of?这里用什么做隔绝层?

B:It's made up of vermiculite.是用蛭石.

(It's made up of)(是用........)

A: Is there any air-isolating layer here?这里有空气隔绝层吗?

B: Yes. There is. It's twenty-centimeter space.有,有20厘米的空隙.

(There is ...-centimeter space)(有.....厘米的空隙)

A: Are you foam plastics applied here?这里使用泡沫塑料吗?

B: Yes. Polystyrene foam plastic.是的,采用的是聚苯乙烯泡沫塑料.

A: What is the thickness of the thermal insulating layer?保温隔热层是多厚?

B: It's twenty centimeters.20厘米厚.

A: When the air-isolating materials and thermal insulating materials are applied, 在使用隔气,保温隔热材料时,

you should examine them first.应先检查一下.

B: Yes, we have checked them up.是,已经检查过了,

All are qualified. 全部合格

A: Thermal insulating materials and isolating materials should not be exposed to damp. 保温隔热,隔绝材料不要受潮.

B: I've put them into the store house. They won't be affected with damp.放在仓库里了,不会受潮.

第二十七课 Anticorrosion防腐

A: Anticorrosion materials should accord with standards.防腐材料应符合标准.

B: They were purchased according to standards.是按标准采购的.

A: The cementing material of anticorrosion is noxious.We should pay attention to safety.

防腐的胶结料有毒, 应注意安全.

B: The articles for protective uses have been provided.已经发放保护用品了.

A: Some of the anticorrosion material are inflammable. You should take good care of them.


B: Yes, I see.明白了.

A: When construction of ethylene perchloride is going on, you should take care of smoke and fire.


B: I've told everybody not to smoke.已告诉大家了,禁止吸烟.

A: Near the store-house of cementing materialof the anticorrosion,smoking or lighting fire is strictly forbidden.


B: Yes, there have been the signs of "fire forbidden" already.是,已经有禁火标志了.

A: We should check up the anticorrosion materials first.应先检查一下防腐材料.

B: I've checked them up already.已经检验过了.

第二部分 专业单词及术语

一、 电气部分单词及术语

二、 水暖安装部分单词及术语1

三、 建筑安装部分单词及术语

四、 施工机械

一、 电气部分单词及术语

pip wrench管钳子

ajustable spanner活扳子

pipe bender弯管气(机)

hand hammer手锤

hack saw铁(钢)锯



screw driver螺丝刀

pincers casing钳套



watt-hour meter电度表

universal meter万能表

pincerlike galvanometer钳形电流表


pole climbers脚扣子

wire grip紧线器



wiring case接线盒

waterproof elbow防水弯头

desk-lamp base坐灯头

terminal box出线盒


open socke明插座

hidden socket暗插座

pull switch拉线开关


sun lamp日光灯


pip clip管夹


wood screw木螺钉


safety switch安全开关

power supply电源,动力供应

substation变电站(所) s

witch panel配电盘

oil switch油(浸)开关


pipe diestock管子绞板








high voltage高压

low voltage低压




discharging rod避雷针

direct current直流 (D C)

alternating current交流(A C)

rated current额定电流

rated voltage额定电压

rated load额定负载


rated power额定功率

knife switch闸刀开关

master switch总开关

insulating materials绝缘材料


insulating tape绝缘胶带


shielding wire屏蔽线

architectural working drawing建筑施工图

general plan总图

plane diagram平面图

foundation plan基础平面图

ground floor plan底层平面图

standard floor plan标准层平面图

top floor plan顶层平面图


front elevation正面图

back elevation背立面图

side elevation侧面图

right elevation右立面图

sectional drawing截(剖、断)面图

detail drawing详图,大样图

architectural drawing建筑图

structural drawing结构图

office building办公楼





二、 水暖安装部分单词及术语

1、 Terms of Water Supply Pipe


Central Heating and Air-condition

Lead pouring joint runner灌铅(填缝浇)口

Asbestos-cement closure of joint 棉水泥口

Seepage water渗流水

Air channel出风口(通风道)



Backwater pipe回水管

Hot-water pipe热水系统

Steam pipe蒸汽管




Socket-and-spigot cast iron pipe承插铸铁管

Socketed tee承口三通


Galvanized steel pipe镀锌钢管

Galvanized elbow镀锌弯头

Galvanized tee镀锌三通

Coal-gas pipe煤气管


Steam-water-mixing valve汽水混合伐

Hot and cold water mixing gooseneck tap


Multi-vane valve多叶伐

Safety valve安全伐



u-shaped pressure gauge u 型压力计


hemp packing 麻垫,麻丝封填

heat-proof polyvinyl chloride pipe


viscose foam-rubber mat


sink water trap存水弯

floor drain地漏


wash basin(洗脸)盆


utensil of drinking water 饮水器

water strainer滤水器

squatting stool pan蹲式大便器

sitting stool pan 坐式大便器

low flush tank 低水箱

cesspool 污水池