What about W.P.A.?


W.P.A. has a broader coverage. It covers everything in F.P.A. plus partial loss caused by natural calamities.


And All Risks?


All Risks means WPA plus additional risks, or extraneous risks, risks not incidental to transport by sea.


incidental :作表语

~ (to sth) liable to occur because of sth or in connection with sth 易伴随发生; 因相关而产生:

* the risks that are incidental to exploration 探险时容易遇到的危险

* additional responsibilities that are incidental to the job 做这项工作要承担的额外责任

I see. Now, for this particular article, what risks do you usually cover?


I have to say that I know every little about this clause. Can you explain it a little?.


clause: paragraph or section in a legal document (eg a will, contract or treaty) stating a particular obligation, condition, etc (在法律文件如遗嘱、 合同或条约中, 陈述具体义务、 条件等的)段落或章节; 条款:

* There is a clause in the contract forbidding tenants to sublet. 合同中列有条款, 禁止承租人转租.

OK.OMCC provides coverage of three basic, some additional risks and some special additional risks.


The three basic risks are Free from Particular Average (F.P.A.), With Particular Averaged (W.P.A.) and All Risks (A.R.).


What do they mean respectively?


Well, roughlyspeaking, F.P.A. covers total loss resulting from both natural calamities and accidents, and partial loss caused by accidents.


calamity / kэl'жmэti; kэ`lжmэti/ n serious misfortune or disaster 灾祸; 灾难:

* The earthquake was the worst calamity in the country's history. 那次地震是全国有史以来最严重的灾难.

* (joc 谑) There are worse calamities than failing your driving test.

比起你驾驶考试不合格来说, 更大的灾难还多着呢.

calamitous / kэ'lжmitэs; kэ`lжmэtэs/ adj ~ (to sb/sth) involving or causing a calamity; disastrous 受灾的; 造成灾害的; 灾难的.

I'm afraid I'm not in a position to give you an answer. I'll have to consult our head office.


Well, my head office says the best we can do is to accept 60 days L/C.


60 days? Thats all right.


But we wish to point out that it is only with a view to encouraging future deals with you that we are accommodating you this time.


We always insure our goods with the People's Insurance Company of China as per their Ocean Marine Cargo Clause, Jan.1, 1981 revision.


I understand your position. But at the moment, I do have some difficulty.


I would like to bend the rules a little if possible.


bend the `rules: (idm) change or interpret the rules, laws, etc in a way that suits oneself or the circumstances

(根据情况)放宽规定; 变通; 通融.

We'd be willing to give you a 10% down payment.


And the balance by 90 days L/C?


the balance : [sing] remainder of sth after part has already been used, taken, etc 剩余:

* The balance of your order will be supplied when we receive fresh stock.

贵方所订购货物之其余部分, 一俟我方进货即可供应.

* When will you take the balance of your annual leave? 你打算什么时候使用剩余的年假?



Don't worry. We're only asking for cash this time.


Well, I think I have no other choice.


Then that's settled.


Yes. I have to admit that you are very astute.


astute : / э'stju:t; US э'stu:t; э`stut/ adj clever and quick at seeing how to gain an advantage; shrewd

精明的; 机敏的; 狡诈的:

* an astute lawyer, businessman, judge of character, etc 干练的律师、 精明的商人、 知人之明

* It was an astute move to sell just before prices went down. 正好在价格下跌前脱手, 真是精明之举.

> astutely adv. astuteness n [U].

As this is the first deal between us, I hope we can trade on customary terms, i.e.,letter of credit payable against sight draft.


You don't mean to say you want cash, do you?


Actually, that's just what I wanted to say.


Don't you think a letter of credit is just as good as cash? And you can discount it at any time, if you like.

您不认为信用证跟现金差不多吗? 而且如果您愿意,什么时候都是可以贴现的。

The problem, you see, is that we are now at the turn of the century. We're worried about the millennium bug. To be on the safe side, I think cash is the only thing we can accept.


Will you still ask for cash in the future, I mean, after we enter the new century?


I'm sorry. I have to think it over. As you are probably aware, the international money market is not so stable nowadays.


Don't you trust me? I believe that our pleasant cooperation over the years has proved us trustworthy partners.


Yes, I know it. But I'm not worrying about your reliability ...


reliability : state or quality of being reliable 可靠(性); 可信(性)

Let's consider another way, say, letter of credit. Do you think that's acceptable?


A letter of credit should have been all right. But as you know, interest rates are changing from minute to minute. And we can not be assured that ...


Then when is the earliest shipment we can expect?


By the middle of October, I think.


It's too late. You see, November is the season for this commodity in our market, and our Customs formalities are rather complicated.


I understand.


In terms of payment, would you like to accept D/P?


As I just said, it's a long-distance transportation. I really don't want to take any chances.


You need have no fears about that.


Well, I suppose there is no other choice.


Now that we've settled the terms of payment, is it possible to effect shipment during September?


now conj ~ (that)... because of the fact (that)... 由于...; 既然...:

* Now (that) you mention it, I do remember the incident. 经你一提, 我想起那件事了.

* Now you've passed your test you can drive on your own. 你驾驶考试既已合格, 就可以独自开车了.

I don't think we can.


But we're only talking about shirts. They're not fragile goods. Besides, cartons are light and easy to handle.


fragile: / 'frжd3ail; US -d3l; `frжd3эl/

Well, I just mean they're easily breakable.


There's no need to worry. We can reinforce the cartons with straps.


reinforce : make (sth) stronger by adding material, etc (以添加材料等)加固(某物):

* reinforce the sleeves of a jumper, eg with elbow patches 在套头毛衣肘部加补钉

* reinforce a wall, bridge, dyke, etc 把墙、 桥、 堤坝等加固.

Look, these goods will have to go a long way before they arrive at our port. What if dampness gets into the package?


damp :adj (-er, -est) not completely dry; slightly wet 不完全乾燥的; 潮湿的:

* damp clothes 潮湿的衣服 * a damp surface 潮湿的表面

* Don't sleep between damp sheets. 睡觉时不要用潮湿的被褥.

All the cartons are lined with plastic sheets, so they're absolutely water-proof, I can assure you.


Most of them do. But the background color should be a little lighter.


No problem. What do you think of our logo?


logo / 'lэugэu; `lo.go/ n (pl ~s) printed symbol designed for and used by a business, company, etc as its emblem, eg in advertising (企业、公司等的)专用标识, 标记, 商标(如用于广告中的).

Very good. Maybe you should move it a little closer to the middle.


Alright. Do you have anything to say about the outer packaging?


You mentioned cartons, didn't you? I'm afraid cartons are not strong enough.


Please don't worry. All the bags are beautifully designed to come in line with the local market preference at your end.


in line with sth: similar to sth; in accordance with sth 与某事物类似或一致:

* in line with the others/with the latest research 与其他的一致[根据最新的研究成果

Have you got any samples here? I'd prefer to have a look.


Here you are.


It does look good. Especially the little swan.


Thank you. We understand that your people regard swans as a symbol of good luck.

多谢。我们听说你们那儿的人把天鹅当成幸运物。 Waterloo bridge : lucky charm

Thank you. Let's call it a deal.




Can we discuss the packing today?


Sure. We usually pack our skirts individually in polythene bags, ten dozen to one carton.


polythene / 'p)liθi:n; `palэθin/ n [U] type of plastic widely used in the form of flexible, often transparent, sheets for waterproof packaging, insulation, etc 聚乙烯:

[attrib 作定语] a polythene bag, cover 聚乙烯塑料袋、 套.

Acceptable. But please pay attention to the design of the inner packing. All the packages must be ready for window display.


Oh, I'm afraid the price you give is too low. The best I can do is 2%.


You say 2% and I say 4%. How about splitting the difference and meeting each other half way? Let's settle at 3%.


split the `difference : (when making a bargain) settle on an amount half-way between two proposed amounts (idm )(讲价时)各让一步, 折中.

No. I'm afraid it's still not acceptable.


What do you say to 2.5%, then?


Hmm...I appreciate your efforts and sincerity in this transaction. As a token of our cooperation, we accept your bid.


token / 'tэukэn; `tokэn/ n

1 sign, symbol or evidence of sth 表徵; 标志; 证据:

* A white flag is used as a token of surrender. 白旗是用作投降的信号.

* These flowers are a small token of my gratitude. 谨以此花聊表谢忱.

2 disc like a coin used to operate certain machines or as a form of payment (用以启动某些机器或用作付款形式的)代币, 专用辅币: Tokens for the cigarette machine are available at the bar. 在柜台可以买到供自动售烟机使用的代币.

* milk tokens, ie (in Britain) bought from the milkman and left on the doorstep to pay for the milk delivered 牛奶票(送奶人出售的票证, 购者用以付送奶费, 可置于门外).

3 (esp in compounds 尤用以构成复合词) voucher or coupon, usu attached to a greetings card, which can be exchanged for goods of the value shown 赠券; 礼券:

* a 10 `book/`record/`gift token 金额10英镑的书券[唱片券/礼券].

in token of sth as evidence of sth 作为某事的证据:

* Please accept this gift in token of our affection for you. 请接受这一礼物, 这是我们微薄的情意.

I'm sorry to say we can't close business at that price. Aren't we old friends?


Well, in view of our good cooperation over the past years, we can take some considerations, but only for this order.


Then how much can you go down?


1% off the original price.


1%! Your reduction is too modest. What about 4%?

1%! 你的降价幅度太小了。4%怎么样?

Other companies are also saying that their products are the best.


Let's meet each other half way. I'll cut another 5%. That's definitely my rock bottom price.


rock-`bottom n [sing] (used without a/the 不用a/the) lowest point 最低点:

* Prices have reached rock-bottom. 物价已下降到最低点.

* [attrib 作定语] ,rock-bottom (ie bargain) `prices 最低的价格.

All right. That's settled.


Unfortunately your price appears to be higher than ever.


Yes, we know. Because of the price hike in raw materials, we were forced to adjust our prices accordingly.


hike : (infml 口) rise in prices, costs, etc (价格、 价值等的)提高, 增加:

* The union demands a 7% wage hike. 工会要求提高工资7%.

Then what's your idea of a good price?


I would say 20% off the listed price.


Impossible. We won't make any profit at that price. 10% is the best we can do.


It's still too high.


Our quality is far beyond comparison. Besides, the market is advancing. Our goods can always find a good sale.


We are surprised to find that your price is 25% higher compared with other companies.


25%? You can't be serious!

25%? 你不是开玩笑吧!

That has been confirmed by our survey. I'm afraid I'll have to cancel the deal unless you reduce your price.


But you know fully well that our product is of superior quality. Other products can't be compared with it.


True. But it's also a fact that your price is too high.


But even for such products we have minimum quality requirements that must be met.


Indeed, they are not bad, indeed. Do you do them in any other colours?


Yes, there is dark blue, light grey, desert tan, all available in a full range of sizes.

有的,还有深蓝、浅灰、土黄 - 这些颜色尺码都齐全。

range [C] group or series of similar things; selection or variety 成套或成系列的东西; 种类:

* sell/stock a whole range of tools, dresses, foods 出售[备有]各种各样的工具、 服装、 食品

* The new model comes in an exciting range of colours. 这种新式样有各种鲜艳的颜色.

* have a wide/narrow range of interests, hobbies, etc 兴趣、 爱好等甚广[不广].

The color won't fade, will it?


No, it'll last very well.


If you can produce fashionable styles of such fine quality, your shoes will win great popularity in our market.


popularity / .p)pju'lжrэti; .papjэ`lжrэti/ n

[U] quality or state of being liked or admired by many people 受大家喜爱或赞赏的性质或状态; 普及; 流行; 通俗性; 声望:

* win/gain/enjoy/command the popularity of the voters 获得广大选民的拥戴

* His popularity among working people remains as strong as ever.


* Her books have grown in popularity recently. 她的书近来大受欢迎.

Quality is something we never neglect. Good quality ensures continued sales.


Indeed. I see you've got some nice walking shoes too.


They're remarkably comfortable. By the way, Mr. Smith, isn't there room in your market for lower grade shoes?



~ (for sth) opportunity; scope 机会; 范围:

* There's (plenty of) room for improvement in your work, ie It is not as good as it could be. 你的工作还有(许多)改进的余地.

* There's no room for doubt,ie It is quite certain. 没有怀疑的余地.

Even highly demanding markets require a wide range of quality and price levels for any group of products.


And durable as well.


durable / 'djuэrэbl; US 'duэrэbl; `durэbl/ adj

lasting for a long time 持久的; 耐久的: a durable peace, friendship, settlement 持久的和平、 永恒的友谊、 永久的解决

* trousers made of durable material 耐穿的料子制成的裤子

* This varnish provides a durable finish. 这种清漆可作耐久的罩面漆.

> durability / .djuэrэ'bilэti; US .durэ'bilэti; .durэ`bilэti/ n [U].

durables n [pl] (also con,sumer `durables)

goods expected to last for a long time after they have been bought, eg vacuum cleaners


Oh, durability is not too important nowadays, especially for women's shoes, it's a style conscious market.


Yes, we've noticed that.


Some of your shoes are satisfactory to your domestic market, but they would need to be adapted for the export market or they wouldn't be acceptable.



~ sth (for sth) make sth suitable for a new use, situation, etc; modify sth 使某事物适合于新的用途、 情况等; 修改某事物:

* This machine has been specially adapted for use underwater. 这机器是为水下使用而特别改装的. * These styles can be adapted to suit individual tastes. 这些式样均可改动以适应个人不同的爱好.

We can produce shoes modeled after the fashions of different markets or according to buyers' samples.


Your L/C must be opened at least one month before the time of shipment, otherwise we wouldn't be able to catch the ship.


No problem. I'll have the covering L/C opened as soon as I get back.


Fine. I'm very glad our negotiations have arrived at a successful conclusion.


Me too. I hope this initial deal will result in further transactions between us.


result in sth have a specified effect or consequence 产生某种作用或结果:

* Our efforts resulted in success/failure. 我们的努力终于成功[失败]了.

* The talks resulted in reducing the number of missiles/missile reduction.


  • partial [´pɑ:ʃəl] 移动到这儿单词发声 a.部分的;偏袒的 四级词汇
  • incidental [,insi´dentəl] 移动到这儿单词发声 a.伴随的;易发生的 六级词汇
  • clause [klɔ:z] 移动到这儿单词发声 n.条(款);分句,从句 四级词汇
  • respectively [ri´spektivli] 移动到这儿单词发声 ad.各自地;分别地 四级词汇
  • speaking [´spi:kiŋ] 移动到这儿单词发声 n.说话 a.发言的 六级词汇
  • calamity [kə´læmiti] 移动到这儿单词发声 n.灾害,大灾难 四级词汇
  • disastrous [di´zɑ:strəs] 移动到这儿单词发声 a.招致灾祸的;不幸的 四级词汇
  • revision [ri´viʒən] 移动到这儿单词发声 n.修订(本);修改 六级词汇
  • discount [´diskaunt] 移动到这儿单词发声 n.&vt.(打)折扣 四级词汇
  • acceptable [ək´septəbəl] 移动到这儿单词发声 a.可接受的;合意的 四级词汇
  • assured [ə´ʃuəd] 移动到这儿单词发声 a.确实的 n.被保险人 六级词汇
  • shipment [´ʃipmənt] 移动到这儿单词发声 n.装运;载货量 四级词汇
  • fragile [´frædʒail] 移动到这儿单词发声 a.易碎的;虚弱的 四级词汇
  • jumper [´dʒʌmpə] 移动到这儿单词发声 n.跳跃者,跳高运动员 六级词汇
  • bridge [bridʒ] 移动到这儿单词发声 n.桥(梁);鼻梁;桥牌 四级词汇
  • emblem [´embləm] 移动到这儿单词发声 n.象征;标志;徽章 六级词汇
  • beautifully [´bju:tifəli] 移动到这儿单词发声 ad.美丽地;优美地 四级词汇
  • individually [,indi´vidʒuəli] 移动到这儿单词发声 adv.个别地 六级词汇
  • carton [´kɑ:tən] 移动到这儿单词发声 n.纸板盒 六级词汇
  • flexible [´fleksəbəl] 移动到这儿单词发声 a.灵活的,柔韧的 四级词汇
  • waterproof [´wɔ:təpru:f] 移动到这儿单词发声 a.防水的 n.防水物 六级词汇
  • sincerity [sin´seriti] 移动到这儿单词发声 n.真诚;诚意 四级词汇
  • doorstep [´dɔ:step] 移动到这儿单词发声 n.门阶 六级词汇
  • remarkably [ri´mɑ:kəbli] 移动到这儿单词发声 ad.非凡地;显著地 四级词汇
  • durable [´djuərəbl] 移动到这儿单词发声 a.耐久的,耐用的 四级词汇
  • varnish [´vɑ:niʃ] 移动到这儿单词发声 n.清漆 vt.上清漆;粉饰 六级词汇
  • vacuum [´vækjuəm] 移动到这儿单词发声 n.真空;空间 六级词汇

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